Covering the US and the Caribbean on Video

traveltec media is a well-established service agency to the travel industry. We concentrate on the US and the Caribbean islands.

Our mission is to provide digital assets to help airlines, tourism service providers, destination marketing organizations, tour operators, and the hospitality industry to reach potential and existing travelers, and the media to create ongoing customer relations.

We create digital assets such as videos and pictures to implement these assets to complement existing web presences. We provide custom tailored software to help distributing these assets worldwide.

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We help airlines to provide up to date destination info shown on the aircraft's inflight entertainment screen.

Destination Marketing

A pictures tells more than 1000 words, but a video more than 1000 pictures. We help Destination Marketing Organisations to portrait their area best.

Hospitality Industry

Hotels and restaurants can use video inserts on their website to attract guests to their premises - show what's happening arround you.

Travel Service Provider

The more people know about a destination, the higher the sales potential. Video will help on their websites.

Travel Agents

These important industry players cannnot know everything. Let us wine and dine them for an evening in order to show them destinations on a big screen and give them DVD's to spread the word across their clientele.

Cruise Ships

Videos can be used in two different ways, first, to bring ports-of-call and life onboard closer to potential passengers and show destination impressions to inform passengers on board to make them book excursions.

Our latest Project

Beginning of 2017 we added special short features to help travel agents selling trips around the US. We are now producing two part segments on either complete states, islands, or mayor cities.

Part 1: General Highlights
Part 2: Available Activities
The same format will be used for all productions named either "Stateclips", "Island Clips" or "Cityclips". Presently available "Stateclips" are: Florida, New York State, Hawaii. In production is California, Arizona, and Texas with additional states to follow during 2019.

Available "Cityclips" are New York City, Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Seattle. In production is Denver, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Dallas with more cities to follow in 2019.

"Island Clips" will feature Caribbean islands. We will start with about those 20 islands who helped us shooting the footage needed for our Caribbean cinema production. More about this subject see further below.

All city- and stateclips will be updated constantly to address any changes. In addition we triggered some airline interest and we editing special versions to address the needs of this special market.

A new trend in Europe triggered us to do full-length 100 - 120 min. destination documentaries for screening in cinemas. In 2017 we stared with Florida, followed by New York State and Hawaii in 2018. These films are being shown in cinemas. In addition we offer live commentary by addressing the audience, when local cinemas and travel agents combine their interest in finding new customers. Travel agents will pay a reduced admission rate when sending potential customers to the screening and are allowed to send personel to answer audience questions and distribute destination broschures.
The success of all three movies with a climbing number of visitors for each film made us consider two more productions that were just released end of April 2019: "Cruising the Caribbean" and "Cruising Central America".
Our two next productions are already in the pipeline. Presently the last few scenes for "Entire US" are shot and in June production starts for the second new film "Alaska". Both films will be released on October 15, 2019.