An ever increasing number of travel related websites and travel related programs on TV result in high demand of applicable video. And this offers a chance for free of charge advertising.

Footage is video which the owner
  • will offer to program producers, mostly free of charge, to use in an upcoming production. 
Footage is original video material
  • uncut, only with original sound and no music or commentary. 
A producer will save on travel cost for his staff and the weather risk, while the asset owner has full control about the quality and the scenes a producer has access to, a real win-win situation. 
But footage makes only sense,
  • if you are able to provide shots that could otherwise provide a challenge to a producer
  • when you offer material of the highest technical standard to cater for all type of productions
  • when you provide shots that are too complex for the crew to shoot themselves.
To manage all aspects of footage traveltec media has developped an application that will allow you to master b-roll (another expression for footage).

Our professional b-roll software will support an asset owner of media footage to:

  • Show previews of your entire segmented footage, professional photos, and copy & offer download thereof
  • Allow users to download photos in different sizes and resolutions, offer video scenes in different formats based on user’s needs, such as formats like 4k, 1080p and 720p.
  • To decide for each clip whether it may be downloaded instantly or whether you want to authorize each single clip prior to download
  • Add pictures and text to complement each video. 

An interested user like the webmaster of a travel oriented website or a TV producer can:

  • Preview your entire picture library and video footage to preselect the proper media to minimize unescessary downloads
  • Instantly download all selected video clips, photos, and text upon authorization by using website FTP

To see our program working, click on the picture below to gauge the offer of a fictitious „New York Tourism Association“ that demonstrates the options available to asset owners and users.