Customer Relations

Word of mouth is accepted to be one of the most free advertising anyone can get. Still, the travel industry at large ignores one of the best options to obtain multiple word of mouth recommendations.

Most travelers takes pictures and / or video, sometimes even only with their smart phone, but the average traveler does not have the time or knowlegde to take near professional video to show at home - even though most travelers try and cut together some sort of a movie when returning home.

Provide those travelers with a personal footage package of your area, ready to download from your website, collect email addresses on the way and explicitly allow the final product to be shared on social media like Youtube or Facebook. You will be surprised how often parts of your package will be used in countless vacations videos and how often these get shared.

See two examples of "personal city footage", Las Vegas at night and the famous cable cars in San Francisco.

Please note:

traveltec media has about 260 archived US highlights from across the nation. Please contact us for list or an arrangement to tape your area as well.